The Maldives

I have a confession to make, I was never very excited about this part of my trip the reason behind them being apart of my itinerary was “Well they’re not going to be around for much longer so I probably should go” thought. I chose a boat trip as I thought there was less of a chance of encountering honeymooners.
This is as good a time as any to mention that I get terrible seasickness and I have a fear of open water so it’s safe to say I wasn’t entirely looking forward to this trip.
I thought what better way to get over your fear, having to face it multiple times a day for full week and so that’s what I did, I snorkelled three times a day minimum for 6 days straight (the first day was a right off as I clung onto the boat’s ladder hoping not to die or be eaten by any of the ocean’s inhabitants!).
I wouldn’t say that I am completely free from fear when I swim in the ocean as I am very aware that it is not my domain or territory but I am more comfortable than I used to be.

What I can tell you with absolute certainty is that the Maldives is paradise, these tropical island dotted around the Indian Ocean are absolutely magnificent.
They are everything you’ve imagined and seen on tv, the white sand the clear blue ocean so warm it’s like stepping into a bath, beautiful.
Whilst gliding along the calm Indian Ocean, on the horizon the ocean and the sky meet, the lines blur as if they are merging into one.
My legs draped over the end of the boat, the salty sea air and the endless horizon, all the space to relax and breathe, I noticed something, I had accepted my journey, how could I not? Why did I ever think that this was not a good idea?
It was in these thoughts that I finally acknowledged that I had battled with my thoughts about this journey.
Was it the right thing to do? What about my responsibilities? What about my life back home? Grandad and Mum? What if I love it, what do I do then?

It was in the Maldives that I had finally realised that I had been carrying around unwanted luggage that I was yet to offload so what did I do? I hear you ask. I unpacked the luggage one at a time, listening to these worrying questions, giving them time to be heard, gently accepting that I do not have an answer as I am not psychic but reassuring them that this is my road, my path and something that feels this good and this right cannot be wrong.
This was the first time I had notice these concerns and I know if I hadn’t of been on the road then these concerns wouldn’t of been there but merely replaced by mundane ones regarding daily life. I have learnt whilst being on the road that you have to hear these concerns or worries out. Previously I’d bury them deep down hoping that would sort them out but the problem is these concerns or worries they just grow roots but hearing them out that cuts the spouting stem off because there is nowhere else for them to grow.

At my current work place I have a colleague who thinks I am nothing but a walking cliché and maybe I am but it is in moments like these away from routine life, we hear ourselves, we are not surrounded by familiarities, taking part day to day jobs in our lives and homes that are full of visual noise and distraction. We are our two feet with minimal belongs and the open road or in my case the open ocean.

One thought on “The Maldives

  1. I would have been clinging on to that ladder for seven days Amy and l’m not even sure l would have draped my legs over the side of the boat!! So your fears of this nature are inherited from me l think. Well done for facing them girl!! An expressive tale – very human and funny. xx

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