First things first; who is Amy?

BFA17FCE-0486-4F16-AD4E-5B4A23919B64Where to start, Amy is Yorkshire born and bred. She’s your typical Yorkshire lass…likes a cup of tea and a chin wag!

Earlier this year, she decided to take herself off around the world and explore new places and meet new people – something that really makes her heart smile. Her enthusiasm for travelling is inherent and her gift of the gab makes her a very interesting and loveable character.

Shes funny and witty and makes everyone around her laugh. Most of all, she’s a friend, who no matter where she is in the world, has inspiring things to say and support to offer.

The way she describes life and her journey is phenomenal and honest. She makes me want to be where she is with every letter she writes.

Read her blog, check her out. I guarantee you’ll love her as much as I do, her thirst for life and new experiences, is contagious,


Hardy xx